PropertyRefers to a specific real estate unit such as a house, apartment, or commercial space. Each property can have multiple adverts, which are different listings referring to the same unit.
AdvertUnique listing associated with a property. It’s a specific presentation or promotion of a property in the real estate market by an agency or an individual.
EventAn event is a specific occurrence or action within the system, such as the creation, update, or expiration of adverts, which can be tracked and responded to via the API.
MatchA match refers to a result that fulfills a user’s saved search criteria, representing a new property that meets the specific conditions defined by the user in their search.
SearchA search is a user-defined entity that is saved and that allows for the real time retrieval of properties or adverts based on specific criteria, such as location, price range, or property type.
WebhookA webhook is a tool that allows the API to send real-time data to a specified endpoint, such as notifying a user or system when a new advert matches a saved search criteria, or when an event occurs on a monitored search.
lastCrawledAtAt property level, this field represents the date of the last update of the most recent advert, excluding expired ones. At the advert level, expired adverts are included.